Lori Rizzuto, L.M.T. , B.A., lic. # MT102
Certified Bowenwork Practitioner & End of Life Doula
[email protected]
 This is a great time to tell you a little about what brought me to know about Bowenwork and why I decided to learn the technique. 
 During the year, 1997 and into 1998 I started to have symptoms of Fibromyalgia due to shock and trauma to my nervous system. Fibromyalgia has many different causes from physical and emotional tramas which can come from childhood and then can be triggered due to lifestyle, illnesses and adult physical, emotional and sexual abuse and traumas. 
 I was emotionally and sexually abused as an adolescent, experienced additional abuse as an adult and then in 1997 my mother died suddenly which triggered my nervous and immune systems to breakdown, resulting in the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. At the same time this happened I also was diagnosed with Hemochromotosis, a genetic disorder which can compound the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, (FM for short from this point on).
 Fast forward to 2009 and 12 years of trying all sorts of alternative healing modalities such as acupunture, massage, cranial sacral therapy, shamanic healing, major lifestyle and dietary changes, exercise, no exercise, (there came a time when activity increased my discomfort and pain, this is very common for FM). Receiving these treatments did help but did not have lasting effects. Then I heard about Bowen through my massage therapist; neither of us had heard of it before, but Sherrie and a Bowenwork student at the time was looking for volunteers to practice on.  I went to see her and for 3 months she continued to practice on me and what I experienced was actually miraculous. I was usually at a pain level of 8 to 10, and after regular Bowen treatments my pain level had dropped to a 1 to 3, and when I would get a flare-up from over exertion or stress I would recover quickly. 
 Needless to say I was amazed after 12 years to find such relief from Bowenwork and a few months later I found a Bowen class starting and then finished the basic courses and became certified as a Bowenwork practitioner.
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