Lori Rizzuto, L.M.T. , B.A., lic. # MT102
Certified Bowenwork Practitioner & End of Life Doula
[email protected]
Bowenwork Therapy
Bowenwork is a gentle, noninvasive bodywork modality that addresses dis-stress and dis-ease in the muscles, fascia, nerves and nervous system as well as alignment and other imbalances. Through it's unique move done on specific areas on the body it works with the bodies own innate self healing abilities.  
Many people, after receiving Bowen report remarkable improvements and relief from chronic pain issues, acute injuries and the other myriad of problems that cause dysfunction.

Bowen for Couples

Bowenwork is a gentle, hands-on, deeply relaxing bodywork modality that 
resets the body/minds own innate healing abilities. Couples can benefit from receiving 
Bowen together in a unique way. There is a wonderful, nurturing re-connection that can 
occur for couples as stress is released from your bodies, minds and emotions. This is 
accomplished through the gentle and  loving touch that is Bowen at it's 
best. Stress and it's effects on us can bury the connection with our 
partner.  As that stress is released you are better able to feel and 
experience that connection again.

What will it be like?
You are in the same room comfortably laying on your own bodywork tables 
a couple of feet from each other. You can be dressed in lightweight comfortable 
clothing or in your undergarments under covers. The room is serene and quiet and is 
dedicated to you both for the time you are there. There is minimal to no 
talking from me or between you both once you are on your tables and the 
session has started; this allows the silence to keep you in the moment and 
present to being together in this safe, healing environment. You can choose to have soft music playing in the background or silence. 

As I am doing the Bowen moves and procedures I switch back and forth between the two people. This provides the pause between moves that is unique to Bowen, deepening your mutual relaxation response.  The session ends with a 5 to 10 minute rest allowing you to experience the close connection with your partner that has been created by this relaxing, healing and bonding  experience. 

Shiatsu , a Japanese word meaning finger pressure, is an ancient form of accupressure which works on the energy meridians releasing energy blocks and imbalances. It is often described as acupuncture without the needles.  By pressing on meridian points located on the meridian lines it can address many probems that plague our modern lifestyle.  Shiatsu can also help problems with the muscular, fascial and nervous systems. 
Oncology Massage
When dealing with cancer,  gentle massage can ease much of the pain, discomforts and physical disablities that can occur over time from the disease and it's treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation. 

End of Life Support
Bowen and other gentle hands on modalities can be very comforting, relieving  pain and some of the many discomforts a person can have at the end of their life.  It can be an intregal part of palliative care, compatible with medical treatments and hospice.
As an End Of Life Doula I also provide support and services to a person dying and their families that extends beyond bodywork. This can include respite care, pre and post death planning, legacy guidance  and sitting vigil.  

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